Happy 90th Birthday Ronnie!

Soon after leaving school, in 1946 two determined nineteen-year old women, raised on a diet of music, were offered life-changing opportunities to study opera singing in Rome. When my late … Continue reading Happy 90th Birthday Ronnie!

Extremely canny leadership is a must for Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution movement

“… the Beijing guide to dealing with Hong Kong’s “radicals”, “extremists” and “sinister elements” was written in June 1989 by then Paramount Leader Deng Xiao Ping…”

China – Under The Hood: China’s Unbearable Air Traffic Congestion and Flight Delays

Delay, delay, delay….The glamour of air-travel is gone.

In China was it ever thus?

A circuitous route to an Irish polling station

“…All people have a right to have a say in what is happening in Ireland. The alternative is a China, Hong Kong, Thailand or Dubai. What would happen if everyone decided not to vote? Where would Ireland’s democracy go? Who would run the country? What type of political system would Ireland have?…”

Land of three smiles: Today the Thai military seized power…

“…They plan to bore us to death…”