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I just found the first blog I ever wrote on Thursday September 9th 2004, using the pseudonym ‘Daring Mood’…. . I called the it "Milky Thinking Unmasked"… and then forgot about it for three years until now Don't tell anyone
And this is what I wrote (and if you don’t believe go check this [http://daringmood.blogspot.com/]
" Good morning Hong Kong, Good Morning World…

What a dreary morning…overcast, dark and gloomy. Day 10 struggling with this flu… One ear is high the other low, deafness, a constantly blocked nose and on and on… A tail of woes and it’s only 8.23am. No better time or frame of mind to compose my first blog…

However, what to blog about? I take it that another definition of blogging is ranting, so rant I will….

You’ve read and heard it all before, so I am going to write and say it again..

The US Election charade.

Is it me that is so utterly brainless, that I just dont get it? I do have an education, I read a lot, and have a thirst for knowledge that is utterly unquenchable. I try to be objective-minded, two sides to each story and all that, I try to weigh up the facts as I see them as opposed to the ‘truth’.

All this knowledge, books, magazines, TV, conversations with friends …… and I conclude what?… I have indeed made up my mind. That the most dangerous threat to both my and your well-being is the Administration that presently controls "the land of the free".

As I said I have an education, I have held senior management jobs in three of America’s blue chip global corporations, I cherish all my freedoms…. I am what you would describe as very open-minded. So what are the forces at work in my mind that drive me to this ‘dangerous’ conclusion?

What am I missing in that milky way-like cranium of mine that apparently 50% of Americans see when they go an vote in favor of the current Administration?

Why don’t I get it?

OK my opinions have been somewhat influenced by the readings of Chomsky, Moore, Mailer, Stiglitz…. but why is it that there is no light bulb flashing in my conscience pointing to one solid, intellectual reason to be pro this Administration, and convince myself that the medicine this so alienated planet of ours needs is another spoonful of four more years?

Why haven’t I come across any rational, logical, thinking intellectual supporting the current efforts of the Administration?

I have a few principles that I suppose I dearly value… Social justice … fairness and compassion are not difficult words to understand and live by… Yet from here all I see in the Administration is control, greed, lust, arrogance, patronage and a sense of self-importance focused on one goal only: Global hegemony, both culturally and commercially, while the rest of us try to survive.

Am I really dumb and innocent, when I conclude to myself that the invasion of Iraq achieved nothing except further alienation, destruction and hatred?

Am I dumb and innocent, when I conclude that the Adminitration misled its people and the world by fabricating the reasons for invading Iraq?

OK let’s digress.. why is the continued poverty of Africa such an after thought for an Administration hell bent on spending billions on its own weapons of destruction?

Really, why do I not have anything positive to say about this Administration’s contribution to the world over the past four years? Is the threat of terrorism any more different then it has always been? Does a resident of North Sioux City, South Dakota, really feel so unsafe? I mean really?

What does a vote for four more years of this current Administration tell the billions of people who also live in this planet? Doesn’t such a vote only reinforce the greater world attitude that Americans really only care about their own surroundings but not anyone else’s?

One has to be optimistic to find anything hopeful in the present outlook.

Ah, the sun has come out

Daring Mood"

Ok so I wrote this three years ago on the 10th day of influenza so i was feeling a bit ‘under the weather’. The following November there Dubya was re-elected, and three years later I still have the same questions……

So did you learn something? Have a comment?

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