China – Under The Hood: China Train Letters and Numbers

01-July-06 at 12:13am


Knowing the difference between trains with number beginning with the letter N, T, Z, K, I, and those with just numbers, no letters, can save hours, if not days.

D = Deng (Bullet train, non-stop super fast)

Z = Zui (Non-stop / direct)

T = Te (Blue coloured trains, which stop in the capital or bigger cities along a particular route)

K = Kuai (Orange coloured trains, which stop at important cities or counties along a particular route)

N = Nei (AC inter-city trains run by local railway bureau stopping at important stations along a particular route)


Well, avoid the “I” train, or XXXX( = slow, very, very slow local train) which have no AC and can be very very very hot on a blazingly hot summer’s day.

So did you learn something? Have a comment?

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