China – Under The Hood: China’s Airlines pilots strike out

04-April-08 at 1:55pm

Radical stuff…. Can’t imagine a BA or American Airlines pilot (I could imagine an Aer Lingus pilot doing the same) turning the plane back because he was fecked off with his employers.. But then having to sign a 99-year deal or pay 2.1 million Yuan to quit..?  Yeah I am with them…

Who wants a 130 year old dinosaur in charge of the controls? On the grounds of passenger safety the pilots have a point.

This, by the way, is the normal mentality in all Chinese labour contracts.  The worker here hasn’t got much of a chance to achieve anything in the labour market.  All contracts state the number of years s/he must work, and the penalty amount to be paid if the worker quits.  Not one word about any responsibility of the employer to the employee

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