Hangzhou Reflections: Chinese Pod

24-November-06 at 11:38am

I met the founder of this company (www.chinesepod.com) Ken Carroll in Shanghai the night before last. His is a story of "can do" entrepreneurialism at its best. Started off in China as a foreign teacher from Ireland, before landing a job as a radio presenter apparently he is as famous to Chinese as Da Shan is). From the horse’s mouth, he saw the Chinese Pod opportunity with the arrival of iPod. Now Chinese Pod has about 20,000 subscribers who have already paid the US$200 + (yeah that’s US$ 4 million already) for the suite of downloadable products (mainly to US and Europeans clients), and the website has received up to 2 hits so far, and they have just raised a huge amount of funds from investors.

[Ken Carroll has been in Shanghai for 11 year. Started off as a teacher, also had his own breakfast time program on Shanghai radio 101.7FM, and founded Ken English training centre]

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