Hangzhou Reflections: Xinjiang Silk Carpets

15-October-06 at 4:13pm

“I remember buying a felt carpet made of an array of different colours in Kashgar in 1989….. Lugged it home to Ireland, hung it on the wall behind my bed… The following Irish winter, heating on full blast, sleeping well and I felt something in my hair moving around… soon noticed there were lots of things moving around, and I wasn’t dreaming. Switched on the lamp to reveal lots and lots of maggots… a really horrible sight. Apparently a couple of Xinjiang flies/insects had laid their eggs inside the felt and it took the central heating to bring them to life… Guess anything homemade and untreated from the countryside needs to be thoroughly checked and treated, says I as I scratch my head in memory of that awful night. Thanks Conor”

So did you learn something? Have a comment?

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