To get hitched is glorious…..

….. and spending huge wads of cash on wacky wedding themes for the fancy photo album is all the rage in China. However, I never expected to see such an off the wall variety of costume as encountered recently near my apartment, here in Hangzhou. A local tribute to “Trooping the Colour” and Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday? The timing was just about right, but No!

The groom’s best men were dressed in Irish Guard bearskin uniforms (it was 33 degrees celsius), while the groom himself dressed as a British army officer. At least the bride looked normal.

Bizarre? Yep, especially in a country where the party line regarding the glories of the People’s Liberation Army is relentless.

Which reminds me of a Beijing wedding back in 1990 where the 50+ year old head of a German Bank, I believe his name was Reiner,  turned up for his wedding at the Wangfujing Catholic Church dressed as the Chief of Staff of the People’s Liberation Army. His foreign friends were stunned. The 23 year old bride was shocked, while her parents were absolutely horrified. The marriage didn’t last long, surprise surprise.Sarcastic

12062008 links_200 A real Irish Guard

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