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Michael Souza on 1945 – 2020: 75 Years Si…

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China – Under The Hood: Is Ireland in danger of becoming too dependent on China?

A wake up call.
Ah the miracle of the global economy. Having just flicked through several online Irish newspapers, trawled through the websites of well-known Irish hardware stores, clothes retailers, and a host of other outlets selling furniture, garden, indoor, outdoor is very clear that:
Everyone in Ireland is coming to depend on what is happening in Chinaā€¦
Look around youā€¦ What are you sitting on? Typing on? Looking at? Talking into? They’re all very likely Made in China, right?
Go around your house and get rid of everything that is Made in China. Take it all away and for the next twelve months donā€™t buy anything from China, even if it has a Made In China component, just donā€™t buy it.
What would you have left? Scary isnā€™t it. Life would be pretty damn awkward. Ā 
China makes around 80% of the world’s photocopiers, 65% of the world’s mobile phonesMobile Phone, 60% of its digital camerasCamera, 50% of its computers,Computer 60% of all its bicycles, 45% of its microwaves, 70% of all its toys, and 50% of all its textiles They areĀ all produdedĀ for little cost by low-paid Chinese labourers.
This has huge consequences. Surely Chinese-made products are saving you the average shopper in Ireland hundreds if not thousands of euro a year. Chinese production and Chinese spending mean that you in Ireland get cheap goods and low interest rates.
And there is no way outā€¦. There’s a recession, with allĀ its belt-tightening implications, and you need to save all the money you can. So keep buying Made in China (so long as the same product is not still being made in Ireland), and if you see something from China you like but canā€™t find in Ireland give Accurate Group a tinkleTelephone receiver and we’ll have you sorted in a jig.Sun
Oh, and a final thought……………. for those of you who enjoy the savings and yet complain about the poor quality of Made in China products, China’s sweat-shop labour conditions, and the loss of Ireland’s manufacturing base to China to be blunt: ‘You can’t eatĀ your cake and haveĀ it too’,Ā meaningĀ keep slamming China for its numerous inconsistencies, whether pollution, safety, quality orĀ autocratic abuse of power-relatedĀ and all those annual savings at the check-out counterĀ of hundreds or thousands of euro will disappear. You know,Ā killing the goose that laid the golden egg and all that…………… Ok enough. I’ll stop here and have aĀ mug of Barry’s Tea, one taste that China can’t replicate, even if the mug, water and milkĀ is from China, the tea from Sri Lanka, and the bag itself is from God knows where.

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