Powerless in the face of nature’s overwhelming power

Burma’s 8.5.2 Cyclone Targis = 140,000 (dead humans) + 2,400,000 ≥ (homeless / destitute humans)

China’s 8.5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake = 90,000 (dead humans, including 19,000 students) + 10,000,000(homeless / destitute humans)

Indian Ocean’s 4.12.26 Indian Ocean Earthquake / Tsunami = 230,000 (dead humans) + 2,000,000 (homeless / destitute humans in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Burma and Thailand )

Burma_Cyclone_flash_appealglobal-warming-chinachinaandburmaChinaPSDSichuan Earthquake

Burma’s 5.2 Cyclone Nargis caused about US$4,000,000,000 in damage to property and livelihoods.

China’s 5.12 Sichuan earthquake caused at least US$122,000,000,000 in direct economic losses such as damage to property and livelihoods. Reconstruction will cost US$147,000,000,000


The 8.8 – 8.24 Olympics will cost Beijing about US$40,000,000,000 by far the most expensive in history. The opening and closing ceremonies will cost more than US$300,000,000….

The US Government’s Federal Budget 2009 Fiscal Year has allocated US$1,449,000,000,000 to the military….


Straight from the gut? …………. There is something very very wrong with our world.

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