A clean break is needed

It is plain to see: A clean break is needed. The people who got Ireland into the financial mess are not the people to get Ireland out of the mess.

It is instantly recognizable to anyone outside Ireland looking in that the people running Ireland are culpable, protecting their own interests, panicking, reactive, and not hands-on. No foresight; no inspired thinking; and certainly no tangible plan of action except to wring more tax monies out of the ordinary honest to God decent people who are being made to pay for the recklessness of others.

What so many rogue chancers continue to away with is just mind numbing stuff. The Galway Tent elite have short-changed Ireland, and since they continue as the main backers of the FF dominated Government, any appeal by the same Government to patriotic zeal as a means to get us out of the mess is wholly disingenuous. It is they who sub-let this “great little nation“(sic) to their financial cohorts, who have almost pillaged our country in the name of a fast buck. It’s time to rid ourselves of FF and for the President, acting in the national interest, to convene people with clean hands who have the capability to turn Ireland around. This Government hasn’t been on Mars for the past ten years, they are so incriminated in this government. Bring the best brains (there are plenty of them in the shadows) into the centre of Government…. and if they are not TDs, make them senators.  Roll up the sleeves, a clean break is needed.Embarrassed

Rant over.


And the way of wishful thinking behind this little diatribe? Reading and watching the news is bad for your health. We’re all left feeling anxious, depressed, confused, irritated and angry about it. Doubtless the state broadcaster here would wholeheartedly agree with such sentiments, thus reaffirming the reasoning behind why it continually churns out only positive news about the Great Middle Kingdom (sic). However, I take the view we are living in a bad world anyway and I chose not to bury my head in the sand and stay informed.


2 Replies to “A clean break is needed”

  1. Alas, this is the sad sad world that we are living in…. The ironic reality is that a communist country will now rise above all the democratic giants and teach them how to be run capitalism. I’ve never for pure democracies all the while and I think in countries like India…communism might be just the right cure. the majority of indians are dirt poor but Indian continues to dominate the list of billionaires. In fact, the government (since they appoint the regulators) are the main culprits for their oversight and lack of ideas to combat the crisis. for example; the US should let GM go down immediately instead of putting the money in AND then let the company go under…no logic. If its was up to me I would not give money to the banks but put the money into good use like paying off the mortgages so that house owners can continue to pay the loan and smaller banks won’t have to go under the weight of non-performing mortgages. Allowing house owners to default actually created a wave of auctions, sell out which actually helped depressed the property market further.

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