The day after tomorrow: Only 4 wrecked walls

Email received 28th September 2009 from AB, a friend living in Metro Manila

“Oh dear, i thought were going to die: me, mom, sister in law with my 11 months niece and our neighbour with her 7 months old baby was stranded to the 2nd floor while the water kept rising. My god if u just knew niall. So far my family are complete. All our things are washed out. The only thing that’s left on our house is the floor and four wrecked walls and what we wear on our body and my bag were i put all my imp docs,cellphone and a digicam. Thats all what we got niall. It looks like an ocean. niall all u can see is waters”

Manila under water
Manila under water

On the 27th September Tropical Storm Ketsana left the Philippines in a ‘State of Calamity’, leaving behind 80% of Manila submerged in water and mired in mud, and a trail of 300 people dead and missing, and some 500,000 displaced across 25 provinces.


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