Pierce Who? The Sound Of My Voice

what does my voice sound like

I have always wondered how my voice sounded to others… I can describe everyone else’s so why is it so difficult to accurately describe mine? To me my voice has a tedious sameness about it…a tad squeaky, somewhat high-pitched and definitely soft-spoken. Certainly doesn’t sound raspy or gravelly to my ear.

Yet some of my friends in Ireland suppose the “phone/radio” crackle that resonates from my mouth to be similar to that of fellow Irishman, Pierce Brosnan (皮尔斯·布鲁斯) the former James Bond (詹姆斯邦德) 007.

So which is my real voice? Is it the one I hear when I talk, the one other people hear when I talk, or the recording of my voice that everyone can hear?

What I hear is different to what other people hear, so….honestly I have no idea!

What a mug I  sound like Pierce Brosnan

So did you learn something? Have a comment?

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