China – Under The Hood: Chinglish – The Written Word

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Strenuous efforts by China’s masses to learn English have generated a new language: English words with Chinese sentence structure:

  • “..i know the name of our company will be a littler strange but in the fact , our boss is very rich…
    -Mr. Ou, Export Manager, IVI Bathroom Sensations Co., Ltd, — a water pump supplier (27th January 2011)  ……… which, at the end of the day, says everything about doing business in China in 2011! 
  • Each colleague, eachfriend: Very the developmenthistory that our website, 5 more tha  ten years of welcome debarkation tell we, at we are together to creates for the society wealth of process inside, supported mutually to closed to shine on, realizes the doubled to win mutually. But development today largerly the space, we will still whole heartedly support you!
    company with virtuous for the foundation, virtuous regarding way as the “.We insist operate the business enterprise theconduct and actions to make stronger with develop the socialcivilization to purpose, and take orders the “ top well if water, thick and virtuous carry the thing” of ancient , use our effort to mine to take for you it not the exhausted “ roll to roll wealth”!Investment limited company MOHAMED Sir Come the company to investigate to choose Buy the equipment”
    – The President Address, Hebei Nanpi Machinery Manufacture Co., ( Maybe Shakespere started the same way “Friends, Romans Countrymen lend me your ears… Powerful stuff Mr. President
  • You may know that China is of potent government administration system, however many “individualistic  promise” will be offered from some top officials in wine table in some cities, for which it is intoxicating  for most new investors, but the fact has been proved as unreliable and untraceable in past decade. Because the officials position tenure is as short as meteor in China and the PROMISE will be only effective when he is in incumbent position”
    – Clive Zhu, — -Assistant Manager, Business Development Department, SIP Science & Technology -Development Co., Ltd (20th May, 2008)
  • “I thought that we can more direct-viewing carry on the quoted price”
    – Bailey Dong, Assistant Manager, Haiyan Jindi Fastener Co., Ltd (29th February, 2008)
  • Thank you for welcoming, and welcome to goodbye”.
    – Succinctly spoken by a friendly Xiao Fei Yang waitress as she bid me farewell (30th October, 2007)
  • Tell us your favor and give me your image, we must do our best to follow you. tks!”.
    – Caesar Tsu, Kingsun (Nanjing) Co., Ltd  (7th August, 2007)

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