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Michael Souza on 1945 – 2020: 75 Years Si…

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2014: A “golden age” for Pisces creativity?

2014  A golden age for Pisces creativity
The pragmatist will tell us to live life on our own terms and not to be swayed by fanciful, imprecise, mumbo-jumbo magazine columns foretelling the life transforming effect of being born under a particular star-sign aligned with a particular planet. In other words don’t be swayed by the pseudo-science of horoscopes.

While horoscope predictions of daily life are indeed unbelievable in the extreme, I consider a lot of astrology based on signs and compatibility to be surprisingly real.

And so to my annual ‘just for the craic’ peek at what the coming year, 2014, portends for the intuitive Piscean.

The following articles are a jumble of New York Times, LA Weekly, Salt Lake City Weekly, Irish Independent (likely lifted from an American source), and Washington Post optimism on how the next twelve months will transpire for the fishy Pisces. Since I can’t recall a more positive forecast, and in the belief they can’t all be wrong (can they?), I am suddenly super bubbly about 2014:

  • “You are in for one heckuva year, Pisces, so get ready… Take this time to define your life and call your own shots, instead of letting others dictate your actions… The first half of the year will be exciting” (Source: 2014 Annual Horoscope Guide by the Astro Twins).
  • “The first half of 2014 will give you the right setting in which to show your creative talents to best advantage, especially while Jupiter remains in Cancer until July 16. These first six months will be preparation for what comes next. So stay focused on your top priority, work wise, and you can move your career into a new and exciting phase. You’ll shine. Yes, you’ll feel at times that there is more to do than time to do it in, but your diligence will bring security and material gains” (Source: Washington PostSusan Miller [AstrologyZone], Astrologer).
  • “You are highly developed in an analytical and intuitive way, and it is important to use both of these gifts when you evaluate people and situations” (Source: New York Daily News, Jennifer Angel, Astrologer).
  • “You will have strong VIP support, allowing you to take the creative risks you need to take to make a name for yourself. After Jupiter leaves Cancer, Jupiter in Leo will help you enjoy all kinds of projects that will encourage you to express yourself in new, compelling ways” (Source: Washington PostSusan Miller [AstrologyZone] , Astrologer).
  • “When it comes to your career, welcome to your lucky streak” (Source: New York Daily News, Jennifer Angel, Astrologer).
  • Pisces 2014 could potentially be a Golden Age for your creativity (Source: LA Weekly):
    • “Take a vow to propel yourself out of funky moods with your creative energy” (Source: Salt Lake City Weekly).
    • “Be aggressive about expanding your creative talent” (Source: Irish Independent).
    • “You may be starting a new business or undergoing a lifestyle change, because you appear to be focused intensely on cash flow from January through July, due to Mars in Libra. The planet Mars is triggering a sense of urgency about achieving financial security. You may be spending more than usual during this time, but it will be a temporary situation. Keep an eye on finances at the lunar eclipse of April 15″ (Source: New York Daily News, Jennifer Angel, Astrologer).
    • July is a business power month. After July, you will see an increasing demand for your goods or services. It seems everyone will be beating a path to your door. Watch for the full moon June 12 to bring a culmination to your career, with plenty of publicity resulting. Later, from September through December, you will see many more exciting developments surfacing. Watch, too, the new moon in your honours, awards, achievement, and fame sector, November 22, when, in the days to follow, your name will be on everyone’s lips” (Source: Washington Post – Susan Miller [AstrologyZone], Astrologer).
    • “Working as part of a team can be difficult for an introvert like you. You will find it a little easier than usual to collaborate with colleagues” (Source: Irish Independent).
  • Love is right when it feels right; align with your heart and not your head. Look for romance in August, when it’s possible for love to envelop you. An open heart can find love more easily than a closed one — and the stars will send the love vibration your way this year. But even though you may feel that everyone has something positive to offer, you must be selective of whom you invite to your inner circle “(Source: New York Daily News, Jennifer Angel, Astrologer).


While oddly all these upbeat predictions are coming from astrologers living on the curiously mystic side of The Pond, as in The US of A, even if a smidgen of the above were to be realised I’d say we Pisceans are in for a decent enough 2014. However, just in case they’ve all got it wrong, I’ll be sticking to my firm belief that hard work and staying dedicated to my goals is the only real way I will be compensated…. some sunny day!

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2014 - A golden age for Pisces creativity





2 comments on “2014: A “golden age” for Pisces creativity?

  1. chiquitha says:

    Astrology is bolonie’ it’s almost May and I have not experience a drop of this so called goodies yet. Financial strain, hell yeah,

  2. Ashwin says:

    Fingers crossed!!

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