From Excess to Aloofness – Ireland’s Tin Gods

'Spoilt for choice - Ireland's electorate
Spoilt for choice – Ireland’s electorate

Watching this Government’s growing sense of self-importance is quite amazing, in fact galling. 

It is appalling to see the way the political supporters of successful parties line up at the trough for governmental patronage. Yet, when asked hard-hitting questions the conceited body language of Kenny, Gilmore, Hogan, Reilly, Howlin, Shatter, and Varadkar says everything: Unapproachable and increasingly remote from anyone who does not toe their line – which is probably a clear majority of our ‘spoilt for choice’ (not!) electorate.

At the end of the day when all is said and done these condescending characters are no different to the Fianna Fail /Progressive Democrats cohort when they were in power: Had they been in power under the influence of ‘Celtic Tiger’ excess, in all probability they would have crafted the same runaway train.

Before these unfriendly Government ministers utterly lose the run of themselves it is worth remembering that the politicians that the public likes best are not the arrogant, big-headed, pompous ones, but the human ones, those politicians who understand the very real challenges that so many missing-in-action voters, young and old, face every day.

Without the electorate these people are just tin gods.

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