Atheist? Muslim? Hindu? Buddhist? Christian? My Religion Is Very Simple

“…I believe the highest moral standard one can have are the teachings of Jesus…”

Two days in January: Guinness, drugs, bar brawls in China, the Gardai (Irish Police), and a roller-coaster

“…They courteously asked several men who they suspected of being involved in the fight to join them outside, while at the scene of the initial argument a Garda was down on all fours minutely searching the floor…”

China – Under The Hood: “Bu Hao Yisi” – The animated joys of everyday living in China

“…The longer I live in China the more I appreciate how listening Chinese style has potentially more health benefits than Yoga! …”

China – Under The Hood: Condom Branding and Fuzzy Logic in China

“… this packet of Hugh and Andies has me reflecting deeply on the fundamentally non-rational nature of Chinese thought processes. Yes, Chinese can hear the same words but interpret things completely differently, but come on..”

Irish eccentricities….. Dustin The Turkey

“…Well Dustin got well and truly stuffed. Our friends in continential Europe didn’t see the humour. Oh well. One thing is for sure, when Dustin The Turkey returns to Ireland he is in for a roasting, such is the dismay back home.”

Words matter: Mentally retarded or human gift? Looking back at the 12th Special Olympics World Summer Games in Shanghai

“..The true symbolism of the night was the picture beamed to almost every household in China of President Hu Jintao hugging and playing with Down Syndrome children. ..”

Special Olympics World Summer Games Euphoria – From Dublin 2003 to Shanghai 2007

Three days before the Opening Ceremony in Dublin, without prior notice, at 3.00 am I was awaken by the loud ringing sound of my telephone. On the other end of the line was Denis O’Brien excitedly describing the excellent news that the Irish Government had decided to lift its travel ban

JC come back and we’ll play a different tune

“…The bottle doesn’t take effect the way it used to and he’s hurting in old familiar ways. It has let him down and JC has gone beyond the point of no return. He has lost his self-esteem…”