2014: A “golden age” for Pisces creativity?

2014  A golden age for Pisces creativity
The pragmatist will tell us to live life on our own terms and not to be swayed by fanciful, imprecise, mumbo-jumbo magazine columns foretelling the life transforming effect of being born under a particular star-sign aligned with a particular planet. In other words don’t be swayed by the pseudo-science of horoscopes.

While horoscope predictions of daily life are indeed unbelievable in the extreme, I consider a lot of astrology based on signs and compatibility to be surprisingly real.

And so to my annual ‘just for the craic’ peek at what the coming year, 2014, portends for the intuitive Piscean.

The following articles are a jumble of New York Times, LA Weekly, Salt Lake City Weekly, Irish Independent (likely lifted from an American source), and Washington Post optimism on how the next twelve months will transpire for the fishy Pisces. Since I can’t recall a more positive forecast, and in the belief they can’t all be wrong (can they?), I am suddenly super bubbly about 2014:

  • “You are in for one heckuva year, Pisces, so get ready… Take this time to define your life and call your own shots, instead of letting others dictate your actions… The first half of the year will be exciting” (Source: 2014 Annual Horoscope Guide by the Astro Twins).
  • “The first half of 2014 will give you the right setting in which to show your creative talents to best advantage, especially while Jupiter remains in Cancer until July 16. These first six months will be preparation for what comes next. So stay focused on your top priority, work wise, and you can move your career into a new and exciting phase. You’ll shine. Yes, you’ll feel at times that there is more to do than time to do it in, but your diligence will bring security and material gains” (Source: Washington PostSusan Miller [AstrologyZone], Astrologer).
  • “You are highly developed in an analytical and intuitive way, and it is important to use both of these gifts when you evaluate people and situations” (Source: New York Daily News, Jennifer Angel, Astrologer).
  • “You will have strong VIP support, allowing you to take the creative risks you need to take to make a name for yourself. After Jupiter leaves Cancer, Jupiter in Leo will help you enjoy all kinds of projects that will encourage you to express yourself in new, compelling ways” (Source: Washington PostSusan Miller [AstrologyZone] , Astrologer).
  • “When it comes to your career, welcome to your lucky streak” (Source: New York Daily News, Jennifer Angel, Astrologer).
  • Pisces 2014 could potentially be a Golden Age for your creativity (Source: LA Weekly):
    • “Take a vow to propel yourself out of funky moods with your creative energy” (Source: Salt Lake City Weekly).
    • “Be aggressive about expanding your creative talent” (Source: Irish Independent).
    • “You may be starting a new business or undergoing a lifestyle change, because you appear to be focused intensely on cash flow from January through July, due to Mars in Libra. The planet Mars is triggering a sense of urgency about achieving financial security. You may be spending more than usual during this time, but it will be a temporary situation. Keep an eye on finances at the lunar eclipse of April 15″ (Source: New York Daily News, Jennifer Angel, Astrologer).
    • July is a business power month. After July, you will see an increasing demand for your goods or services. It seems everyone will be beating a path to your door. Watch for the full moon June 12 to bring a culmination to your career, with plenty of publicity resulting. Later, from September through December, you will see many more exciting developments surfacing. Watch, too, the new moon in your honours, awards, achievement, and fame sector, November 22, when, in the days to follow, your name will be on everyone’s lips” (Source: Washington Post – Susan Miller [AstrologyZone], Astrologer).
    • “Working as part of a team can be difficult for an introvert like you. You will find it a little easier than usual to collaborate with colleagues” (Source: Irish Independent).
  • Love is right when it feels right; align with your heart and not your head. Look for romance in August, when it’s possible for love to envelop you. An open heart can find love more easily than a closed one — and the stars will send the love vibration your way this year. But even though you may feel that everyone has something positive to offer, you must be selective of whom you invite to your inner circle “(Source: New York Daily News, Jennifer Angel, Astrologer).


While oddly all these upbeat predictions are coming from astrologers living on the curiously mystic side of The Pond, as in The US of A, even if a smidgen of the above were to be realised I’d say we Pisceans are in for a decent enough 2014. However, just in case they’ve all got it wrong, I’ll be sticking to my firm belief that hard work and staying dedicated to my goals is the only real way I will be compensated…. some sunny day!

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2014 - A golden age for Pisces creativity





When both the day and night are of equal length: March 20th

It’s March 20th again, the day of the Spring Equinox (chunfen 春分), when the centre of the Sun spends the same amount of time above and below the horizon, such that night and day are the same length everywhere.

It’s also World Storytelling Day. On this day March 20th 1916 Albert Einstein published his general theory of relativity, while closer to home my Grandfather, Captain Michael William “M.W.” O’Reilly was likely dividing his time between his job as Assistant Superintendent Clontarf District at Prudential Insurance and as a Captain of the Irish Volunteers, preparing for what was to be the ultimate challenge to British rule in Ireland: The 1916 Easter Rising (Read more at  http://wp.me/p15Yzr-R ).

The Roman poet (Ovid), a German theologian (Jerome Emser), the first monarch of the reigning Chakri dynasty in Thailand (Buddha Yodfa Chulaloke, a.k.a Rama I), a Norwegian writer (Henrik Ibsen), a French Emperor (Napolean Bonaparte II) and the last President of the Fourth Republic (Rene Coty), the “Forces’ Sweetheart” (Dame Vera Lynn), America actor (William Hurt),  and blues singer (Marva Wright), a Mexican Nobel Peace Prize winner (Alfonso Garcia Robles), a Japanese long-distance runner (Kenji Kimihara), Canadians the 18th prime minister of Canada (Brian Mulroney) and one of the greatest ice hockey players of all time (Bobby Orr), a Russian composer, pianist and conductor (Sergei Rachmaninoff), a Greek journalist and Communist Party politician (Liana Kanelli), a world champion Australian woodchopper (David Foster), a Danish footballer (Jesper Olsen), and an Irish portrait and wartime painter (Sir John Lavery) were all born on March 20th, or the Cusp of Rebirth as the Pisces (the 12th and final Sign of the Zodiac) and Aries (the first Sign of the Zodiac) cusp combination is known.

This is a most favourable and desirable cusp, indicative of a union between intelligence and understanding. In essence, these cuspians are likely to possess strong mental powers coupled with the priceless gift of comprehension. The chief characteristics of this blend are vigilance and caution…each step carefully weighed prior to being taken”“The power of intuition inherent in these natives is truly quite remarkable and they rarely go amiss when they rely upon their own judgment as formulated by their intuition. There is an extremely keen and valuable foresight here in all matters of a financial nature and these subjects will work out in advance the most brilliant of schemes and projects which are then executed with total success. The minds of these cuspians are always busily engaged in devising plans for new enterprises and projects. Indeed, perhaps the novelty of a certain scheme holds the most attraction for the Mars/Neptune individual”. Source: http://www.novareinna.com/constellation/ariescusp.html

March 20th marks the first day of the Iranian calendar, while in Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Zanzibar, and Albania it’s a holiday.

Now there are 286 days remaining until the end of the year.

Happy Birthday me  Birthday cakeGift with a bow . I am 20,454 days old today!

When both the day and night are of equal length: March 20th - My Birth place 18,000 days ago. Portobello Nursing Home (now Portobello College) Dublin
My Birth place 20,254 days ago. Portobello Nursing Home (now Portobello College) Dublin
When both the day and night are of equal length: March 20th - My Birth place 18,000 days ago - 1963 - a most remarkable year
The Year of the Water Rabbit 1963 – An amazing year!

Born on the cusp - Pisces Aries - When both the day and night are of equal length 004 - March 20thBorn on the cusp - Pisces Aries - When both the day and night are of equal length 002 - March 20thBorn on the cusp - Pisces - Aries - When both the day and night are of equal length - March 20th  Born on the cusp - Pisces Aries - When both the day and night are of equal length 008 - March 20thBorn on the cusp - Pisces Aries - When both the day and night are of equal length 005 - March 20th

Born on the cusp - Pisces Aries - When both the day and night are of equal length 006 - March 20th Born on the cusp - Pisces Aries - When both the day and night are of equal length - March 20thBorn on the cusp - Pisces Aries - When both the day and night are of equal length 007 - March 20th2019



Happy Year of the Snake: Beware of the Bite

A slithery snake in China
Year of the Water Snake: A slithery snake in China – Watch out for the bite!

A slithery snake moving in a way where its body undulates making it difficult to tell the direction it is actually moving in. Luckily the snake above, pictured in Du’an, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Southern China, was slithering away hence the daring photo.

My Chinese friends tell me this is what we can anticipate in the Year of the Water Snake:

“When something seems to go in one direction, and then, suddenly, veers off in a completely different direction”.

So even after a turbulent Year of the Dragon, it would seem we’re not yet out of the woods. However, if you have the natural agility of the snake, with an ability to negotiate the unexpected, then this may well be your year!

A very Happy Year of the Snake to you. 祝您新春快乐, 蛇年大吉 / 祝您新春快樂, 蛇年大吉, which for the uninitiated reads “”Zhù Nín XīnChūn KuàiLè, Shé Nián DàJí”

Accurate China Insight: Preparing for Marriage – Ireland to use EU Presidency to lay groundwork for negotiating landmark EU-China Free Trade Agreement?

…..Or at least that’s what reading between the lines would appear to reveal as being the over-riding objective. Today in an address to the European Parliament’s International Trade Committee Richard Bruton TD, Ireland’s Minister of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation,  stated:

“..It was evident at the last Summit that there is considerable richness and potential in our relationship with China. We would like to prepare the ground for the next summit so that the conditions would be ripe to launch negotiations for a landmark investment agreement with market access..”

[Source / read more: http://www.4-traders.com/news/Department-of-Jobs-Enterprise-and-Innovation-of-I-Opening-Remarks-by-Minister-Richard-Bruton-TD–15961031/]

The paragraph immediately preceding this statement refers to FTA [Free Trade Agreement] negotiations with Japan and India, while further down in his speech the Minister speaks of FTAs with individual ASEAN members. 

While the specific language used in relation to China talks about “…a landmark investment agreement with market access..”, given the overall context in which the speech was made, the implication is clear – an FTA between the EU (European Union), China’s largest trading partner, and China is the ultimate goal. Such an objective marks a hugely significant turning point in the development of the EU’s China engagement strategy: Marriage is on the cards.

The visit to Ireland in February 2012 by paramount leader General Secretary Xi Jinping, which was hastily followed up by Irish Prime Minister, Taoiseach Enda Kenny‘s return trip to Beijing the following month, not only demonstrates that China, the EU’s second largest trading partner, would make for an eager marriage companion, but it also signifies China backing for Ireland’s unilateral embracement of the role of EUChina marriage maker as a key feature of its Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Given Minister Bruton’s speech to European Parliament’s International Trade Committee, the acknowledgement by General Secretary Xi Jinping at his March 2012 reunion with Taoiseach Enda Kenny in Beijing that …

“… The development of China-Ireland relations can serve as a driving force in boosting China-Europe ties..”

[Source / read more: http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/breaking/2012/0326/breaking59.html]

…would appear to be prophetic indeed.

Going forward, Ireland’s eager and unilateral adoption of the role of ‘marriage maker’ would seem to indicate a future political relationship with Beijing deriving far more economic benefit to the country than its trading relationship.

Meanwhile, as mentioned in the Accurate China Insight dated 21 November 2013 http://www.accuratelimited.com/blog.view.php?id=ITvZZdNpXFs= all augurs well for Chinese President-designate Xi Jinping‘s return to Ireland in June 2013.

As noted in the Accurate China Insight dated 20th November :

“…Ireland’s Presidency of the Council of The European Union provides a fantastic opportunity for Ireland to yet again punch above its weight in the eyes of China’s leaders and media……. Moreover, EU-China -related summits in Ireland will provide Europeans with their first real chance to measure the mind-set of China‘s new leadership towards its biggest trading partner…”

[Source / read more: http://www.accuratelimited.com/blog.view.php?id=+8G9kXqGg28=]

Accurate China Insight: Ireland to use EU Presidency to lay groundwork for negotiating landmark EU-China Free Trade Agreement?
From engagement to marriage: Ireland takes on the role of EU-China marriage maker

Sources: Accurate China Business Services:  http://www.accuratelimited.com/blog.view.php?id=dOanRm3VH+U=


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“Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits”…

A luck-bringing custom is to say ‘Rabbits’ once or three times on the first day of the month. It must be said early in the morning, before any other word has been uttered, otherwise the charm loses its force…  Obviously I haven’t been keeping such a ritual if my Year of the Rabbit fortune as written on the billboard above is anything to go by Confused.
Photographed last week in Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown.