When both the day and night are of equal length: March 20th

I am 20,454 days old today, which is close to 480,896 hours, give or take a few minutes!

Paws for Thought ~ Part 1

“…She never asks why, just sniffs the ground to keep to abreast of where we are, wags her tail and pulls forward. Wonderful!..”

170/108 Over Pressure – The Silent Killer

“…A reading 170/108. Such blood pressure readings fall within Stage 2 Hypertension (readings of 160/110 and 180/110 usually indicate Stage 2 Hypertension), in which there is high risk 0f a heart-attack or a stroke..”

China – Under The Hood: Exposing a quack doctor in Hangzhou

The man was nothing more than a con-artist with a very big ego (conmen usually are).