Cringe-worthy awkward moments (gaffes) when Irish politicians and media expose China ignorance

“…I really wish the prime minister Ahern Bertie would stop saying ‘tanks tanks tanks’. He’s overdoing this Tiananmen protest stuff…”

Blind monks and business networking in China

“..In addition, akin to us foreign businesspeople here, many ‘Ningbo-born, bred, and raised businessmen and businesswomen’, or Ningbo’s Diaspora, are dispersed far and wide, living and working all over the globe. Ningbo Business Club provides an excellent platform for them to connect with their laojia 老家and keep abreast of what’s going on in Ningbo’s business scene…”

Irish Exporters Association trade mission to ‘paradise’ meets China’s richest man

“…The IEA’s director for China, Niall O’Reilly, is a long-time Hangzhou resident and he orchestrated the coup of arranging a meeting with Mr Zong..”

My multilingual Chinese friend

I asked a Hong Kong Chinese friend if she spoke French: “Yes!“, she replied “Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and croissant“ and “so how’s your Irish?” I ask “Heineken” she replies. As … Continue reading My multilingual Chinese friend

China – Under The Hood: Irritated Chinese Immigration Officer asks a thought-provoking question

“I’ve made him lose face in front of his superiors. A team of three officers have just helped him to identify the apostrophe ” ‘ ” key on his Chinese keyboard….”

China – Under The Hood: When there is no will they have ‘Ah Way’ – The fowl art of domesticating a wild chicken in 81 days

“…They scowl they are resolute in their determination to extract my compliance. Oh, we battery chickens know all too well the wide variety of intimidating methods They employ orchestrating self-indicting and self-reproaching confessions of wrong-doing…”

China – Under The Hood: The Curious Case of the Ireland Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo 2010: Rebuilt in Zhejiang Province or Tianjin?

The cost of demolition and reconstruction is estimated at about RMB 10 million (or Euro 1.1million at today’s rate), and compares to the reported Euro 9 million cost of building and running the Ireland Pavilion at the World Expo.

China – Under The Hood: Condom Branding and Fuzzy Logic in China

“… this packet of Hugh and Andies has me reflecting deeply on the fundamentally non-rational nature of Chinese thought processes. Yes, Chinese can hear the same words but interpret things completely differently, but come on..”