China – Under the Hood: Poles apart – Chinese to English wordplay

  1. When the expression “da pen ti” is used it means to answer, yet the literal translation is “to sneeze“.
  2. nao xin” means to be restless / agitated, yet the literal translation is “noisy heart
  3. shao bao” refers to a shopping fanatic, yet the literal translation is “to burn the bag
  4. xian ke ya” means to chat, yet the literal translation is “the idle knocking of teeth
  5. chi cu” means jealousy, yet the literal translation is “eat vinegar
  6. chou mei” means something akin to vanity, yet the literal translation is”stinking beauty
  7. xiu chang cheng” means to play mahjong, a strategy game people over here like to kill their time by playing. The literal translation is: “fix the Great Wall“!
  8. mai dan” means to pay the bill, yet the literal translation is “bury the bill

The written word: Business Vietlish “Our big customer is…. DisneyLand”

Email from prospective Vietnamese supplier dated 24th October 2007:
“...So I decide to writting with you. I was hopping that we can make it get together. Please give me your very detail of plans, products or designs, destination ports…and everythink else. We will offer you , if you accept our offers then we will make the samples for you and go to the everythink plans.I was wondering why I do not tell you about ourseft: Vinh thang is a commercial thing specializing in producing and exporting everythink. …… With staff of skillful, experienced and creative painters, artisans over 200 years oldthat was recognized by the Vietnamese history, at present. Our big customer is …. Disney Land
Tien – Vice Director of Vinh Thang Ceramic
"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place"-George Bernard Shaw
“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place”
-George Bernard Shaw