22nd September: My reaction to the 25-3 thumping by France at the 2007 Rugby World Cup

“We have a rugby squad full of trumped up prima donnas, more concerned about their images then living up to what we expected from them. No excuses, they have played dreadfully. On present form they dont deserve to advance to the next stage. Can’t believe I stayed up until 5.15 am Saturday morning watching such a shoddy performance. Argentina will add the final nail in the coffin. They’ve already beaten us twice this summer. Dreadful!
Niall in China  China”
I am your typical armchair critic. I don’t play rugby, never did, and put me up head-to-head with that hairy and brutish monster Chabal (see photo) and, no doubt in my mind, I’ll run in the opposite direction faster than I have ever run in my whole life.
Sebastian Chabal stuffs Ireland - My reaction to the 25-3 thumping by France at the 2007 Rugby World Cup
But all the hype about this team, these highly paid rugby players…. loads of taxpayers money was thrown at them, for what?   Just like Saipan in the 2002 Football World Cup they’ve blown it. Where to from here? Home to mother lads!
An armchair critic is an individual who has a great deal of theoretical knowledge about a subject, with little or no practical experience.