Paws for Thought ~ Part 2


Paws for Thought

Dreamy hazel eyes
Floppy flat ears
With more than a languid interest

Shining nose
Well feathered paws

Long smooth golden-brown silky fur coat
Spongy, sweeter than honey

Unassuming, devoted, a glad service of love
As hopeful as the dawn
An untiring pleasure
A fascination for many minds

Warmth on a winter’s day.”

– Niall O’R


Self-taught colour-pencil artist Danny Yu, who resides in Hangzhou, demonstrates her exceptional talent in capturing true-to-life Muffin’s subtle gestures, colours, and tones.


Muffin, our four-legged alter-ego

  @Niall O’Reilly 2019

Paws for Thought ~ Part 1

Queen Muffin II

Wrapped in Gold

No matter driving rain, howling gale, bitter cold, or blazing sun, walking the length of Dun Laoghaire Pier I am conscious no one values the very unique brilliance of my thoughts and words as much as Muffin does. Behaves gracefully in all situations and circumstances. She never asks why, just sniffs the ground to keep abreast of where we are, wags her tail and pulls forward.  Wonderful!

“…beauty without vanity, strength without insolence, courage without ferocity; and all the virtues of man without his vices.

– Lord Byron, ‘Epitaph to a Dog’ (1808)