Happy Year of the Snake: Beware of the Bite

A slithery snake in China
Year of the Water Snake: A slithery snake in China – Watch out for the bite!

A slithery snake moving in a way where its body undulates making it difficult to tell the direction it is actually moving in. Luckily the snake above, pictured in Du’an, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Southern China, was slithering away hence the daring photo.

My Chinese friends tell me this is what we can anticipate in the Year of the Water Snake:

“When something seems to go in one direction, and then, suddenly, veers off in a completely different direction”.

So even after a turbulent Year of the Dragon, it would seem we’re not yet out of the woods. However, if you have the natural agility of the snake, with an ability to negotiate the unexpected, then this may well be your year!

A very Happy Year of the Snake to you. 祝您新春快乐, 蛇年大吉 / 祝您新春快樂, 蛇年大吉, which for the uninitiated reads “”Zhù Nín XīnChūn KuàiLè, Shé Nián DàJí”